Animal Hospital Aventura

Animal Hospital Aventura

Your pet is a part of your family and you want to give him all of the care and treatment he deserves. The first step is to find a reputable animal hospital in Aventura where you can take your pet for all of his current and future needs. Keep in mind that you want to choose a veterinary hospital that offers a wide array of services for both preventative and emergency care for your beloved pet.

Pet Wellness Services

From the minute you bring your new pet home you need to start providing preventative care from an experienced animal hospital in Aventura. The veterinarian will perform a thorough examination that reviews the pet’s heart function, teeth, throat, eyes, ears and respiratory system. Also, the pets overall body is examined and evaluated. Some tests may also be completed to evaluate the function of internal organs.

Your pet requires some important vaccinations to ensure he stays healthy throughout his lifetime. In addition to regularly scheduled vaccinations, your pet may also need preventative treatment for fleas and ticks. For example, your pet may need to be taking heartworm medication to prevent this potentially deadly disease. Young pets require de-worming medications to keep them healthy. A fecal test will be completed to determine the exact needs of your pet.

A pet wellness exam should be performed at least annually, along with the administration of the pet’s necessary vaccines. Also, the vet will perform an overall exam to make sure that your pet is at a healthy weight and there are no medical concerns.

Help When Your Pet is Sick

If your pet is ill or has an injury, you need veterinary care from an animal hospital in Aventura as quickly as possible. The veterinarian has access to a variety of diagnostic tools to assist in determining the problem and treatment. An in-house laboratory is ideal because it affords the vet test results as quickly as possible.

Some of the diagnostic tools that may be utilized include digital radiology, ultrasound, video otoscopy, electrocardiograms and endoscopy. Many veterinary locations still use standard x-ray equipment. However, the state-of-the-art choice is digital radiology. It provides radiographs that are essential in diagnosis as well as in treatment such as surgery.

If your pet does require surgery you want to rely on the competence of the veterinarian and staff to provide the best and most compassionate care throughout the procedure. The vet will discuss the details of the surgery with you beforehand so that you can make the best choice possible for the health of your pet.

Additional Services

In addition to regular veterinary services, our animal hospital in Aventura also provides some extra services. We offer pet dental care that is essential to your pet’s overall health and well being. We also provide boarding services. You can be sure that your pet will have a happy and healthy time when you’re away from home when you leave him with an experienced expert. Contact Sky Lake Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment for your pet’s veterinary needs.

Animal Hospital Aventura

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