Preparing the workplace for a drug-free program goes beyond just informing employees about its importance. Everyone has a shared responsibility to create a healthy and safe work environment. Human resources, supervisors, and employees have a role in making a drug-free workplace.

The purpose of distributing roles and responsibilities among everyone in the workplace can create a more reliable working environment. It will motivate everyone in the workplace to focus on health, safety, and wellness.

Human Resource Role

Human resources can play a significant role in implementing drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs. Their basic responsibility is to review workplace policy programs and their timely modification according to the requirement. They also need to make new hires aware of the existing policies. The idea is to discuss the evaluation of employees’ performance concerning the program. They also inform employees of circumstances, procedures, and other drug testing policies.

Supervisor Role

The supervisor’s role is to stay fair and consistent in implementing policies. They should understand the drug-free policy and program very well and know the right way to implement them without judging or humiliating any employee.

Supervisors are the first ones to notice problems in an organization. They have the right to conduct drug tests on suspecting any employee. Alcohol training awareness programs for employees can help them better understand the implementation of policies.

Employer’s Role

Everyone at the workplace is responsible for creating a safe, healthy, and productive environment. Employees need to understand the policy in detail. There should be an open line of communication for employees to clear any doubt regarding drug-free policies. They should know what substances are barred, what penalties are there for violating policy, and what kind of assistance they can get from the employer.

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