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Drugs and Work Don’t Mix

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Waking Up Workplace Trainings can work together with you and your team in private consultation to come up with an individualized training program designed to help you deal with any drug and alcohol abuse that exists in your unique workforce, within your unique workplace.

Drug and alcohol abuse is never a one-size-fits-all situation. Every individual is different. The substances they abuse are different. Their reasons for doing so or how they got to that place in their lives are different. It’s always a very individual set of circumstances. And, just like substance abuse itself doesn’t follow the same pattern for every individual struggling therewith, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to dealing with drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. Sometimes the templated training so often offered won’t help you deal with substance abuse in your specific workplace and your unique setting and group of employees.

Each situation is unique, each at-risk individual has their own unique issues and set of circumstances that led them down this path. Plus, each workplace is different, with its own unique set of challenges and situations, as well as employee circumstances, positions and personalities, all of which must be taken into consideration. Put the two together, and it follows you must come up with a thoughtfully curated set of techniques and best practices you can use when dealing with drug and alcohol abuse specific to your workplace.

There are of course a number of techniques and practical tools which can be utilized universally when dealing with drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. But when you customize those to a specific organization and their specific situation, it can really produce results.

Knowing this, Waking Up Workplace Trainings now offers Private Consulting, with a view to creating customized e-learning courses and webinars designed specifically for your company and your particular employees. Not only can we help you deal with drug and alcohol substance abuse in your workplace, we can help you prevent it by focusing on early identification and reasonable cause suspicion training.

We can tailor our online training programs to companies of all sizes and situations: whether you employ 2 or 2,000; whether your employees’ workspace exists in a massive warehouse setting, on-site offices, or a remote, work-from-home situation; whether your offices are in one town or spread across the world at multiple locations; whether you work in the public or private sector. Substance abuse exists in all these situations, and dealing with it empathetically and effectively, particularly in today’s less traditional settings, often requires a tailored, customized approach.

What’s more, with new work restrictions governing social distancing both in public work spaces and in “at home work spaces” it has become more important than ever to have training in this arena. Knowing the added stresses and strains that have come with COVID-related changes to both work and life, our training also incorporates messaging that helps your employees be more sensitive to the dangers of engaging in a more relaxed attitude to the effects of usage of alcohol and drugs as a form of stress relief and as a relaxant.

With all this in mind, proper training in how to deal with drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace will allow you to implement best practices, as well as practical, hands-on tools and techniques in dealing with substance abuse in the workplace in these unprecedented times. It will also give you a solid framework of knowledge from which you can create a properly developed company policy that clearly states the consequences to the employee for any drug or alcohol abuse that occurs in the workplace, no matter where that workplace may be.

Finally, as an international training company, offering our courses in English through our E-Learning platform, Waking Up Workplace Trainings can tailor our courses to your organization, and deliver them effectively, no matter where you may be in the world. Courses can also be delivered in Spanish and French through on-line facilitation with advanced notification.

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