Supervisor Awareness Guide around Substance Abuse and Reasonable Cause Suspicion Training


Price is per participant in USD. 

Offered as a comprehensive course in our training and educational programs.

A Certificate of Completion with the course and the individual’s name is provided, and a copy should be placed in the employee’s file. A training manual is provided for the course, and exercises and quizzes are completed during the course of the training. 

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This course provides an overview of how regulatory agencies and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations treat drug and alcohol abuse and misuse in the workplace.

This course features:

  • Details of physical, behavioural, speech and performance indicators of probable substance abuse and misuse.
  • Information about prescription drugs, patterns of abuse, and tips for supervisors on how to initiate the difficult conversation with a problem employee.
  • Myths and facts of drug and substance addiction, statistics and costs to employers and the economy for lost production times, profits, salaries, and the cost of livelihoods lost and broken families.


Also available as an online course with facilitator — $125.00/attendee
Manual Provided
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